The art of barrel making has been around for centuries. At York Valley Fine Woodworking we are keeping that tradition alive, as we are the only dry cooperage in central Canada. In earlier years, the village cooper would make wooden barrels for storing dry goods, such as apples and potatoes. Round barrels were ideal storage and shipping containers, as they could be easily rolled by one man.

On machinery originally patented in 1896, we saw and shape wooden staves that are then assembled by hand into a variety of barrel products including buckets, baskets, tubs, plant hangers and window boxes.

Only the highest quality materials are used: white cedar staves for their long lasting quality, black ash handles and hoops for their strength, and hemp rope for its tough natural fibre. The natural quality of the rough sawn cedar gives a warm rustic quality to all our products.

Product catalogue

We are currently producing a catalogue for a complete list of our cedar barrels and other cedar products.