Split Cedar Rail

Each of the classic style split cedar tail fences found throughout Canada and the New England States at the beginning of the century, had very unique characteristics. Burried vertical stakes are not required for some of the styles, where digging holes may be a problem. other styles are well suited for curved or slopping surfaces.

All of the classic styles of fences share the same rustic beauty of weathered Eastern White Cedar.


The Traditional fence is a strong, classic style fence. These consist of two or more rails in height depending on its intended use.

Post holes needed.

Virginia Snake Rail

Perhaps the best known classic style fence which is versatile. This fence is easy to build and takes little time to construct.

No post holes needed.

The Kinmount

The Kinmount is a distinctive and functional design that is ideally suited to a long curving walkway, driveway or hill.

No post holes needed.

The Madawaska

The Madawaska is a unique style found in the Ottawa Valley of Ontario. This is a straight fence that is also easy to build.

No post holes needed.

The Tipi Style


Corner Accents

Most commonly used to enhance the corner of your property, the corner accents can be dressed up with flowers and decorations.

Post holes needed.