Taper Sawn Heavy Butt Shingles, 24" x 1" butt.
4 bundles per square—covers 100 sq. ft. at 10" exposed face.


Taper Sawn, 18" Long x 5/8" Thick.
4 bundles per square—covers 100 sq. ft. at 6" exposed face.

Taper Sawn, 16" Long x 3/8" Thick.
4 bundles per square—covers 100 sq. ft. at 4" exposed face.


Taper Sawn, 16" L x 4 7/8" W x 3/8" Thick.
120 pieces per bundle—covers 25 sq. ft. at 6" exposed face.


For exterior and interior accents

Designer shingles add a subtle beauty to any building project. From exterior and interior accents to bold patterns and murals, decorative fancy-cut shingles in seven traditional cuts can be arranged in a multitude of combinations, restricted only by the imagination of the designer or carpenter.

Combined with gingerbread ornamentation, decorative shingling was extremely popular with Victorian architects and builders of the late 1800s. The carpenter-Gothic house of that era is the folk art of carpentry, relying heavily on the talents of the carpenter for its elegance. Many of these homes survive today throughout Canada and the United States.

Buildings across North America are again displaying this imaginative use of building materials. Through thoughtful restoration and tasteful application in new construction, the use of decorative designer shingles is enjoying a renaissance in many communities.

Only the highest quality eastern white cedar is used to make all our designer shingles. They can be painted, stained or left to weather to an attractive silver gray.